Public Information

SSI was dedicated to operating a safe, clean work environment. SSI had trained staff who used approved procedures and equipment to ensure the safety of the public, employees and the environment. The clean-up of the facility has been completed and the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission has cleared the facility for industrial use with no conditions placed on the facility.

The manufacturing facility operations are fully controlled and regulated by the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission. Emissions from the facility are monitored continuously and a program is in place to monitor employee safety. SSI operates an Environmental Monitoring Program to monitor the effects of our operations on the environment. Air, water, and vegetation samples are taken from various locations around the vicinity of the facility. The focus of the Environmental Monitoring Program wasto measure tritium activity in air, water and food sources.

The public information program has been designed to keep the public informed of the effects of the operations of the Shield Source facility on the health and safety of the public and the environment.