Company History

Shield Source was founded in 1986 and closed its doors in April 2014 . Shield Source manufactured and marketed self-luminous safety signs and is an integral part of a related group of North American emergency lighting companies that traces its’ roots back to 1918.

Throughout history, our group has been a pioneer in the field of radio-luminescent lighting. These non-electrical light sources were originally developed for the aviation industry and for military applications where reliability is absolutely essential.  Continuous research and development in this highly specialized field led to the current generation of products developed to meet the needs of today's energy conscious users while providing the most dependable emergency lighting source available.  We market these products worldwide for use in commercial and industrial buildings, as well as, in civilian and military aircraft.  They are an accepted alternative in ALL code occupancies that require illuminated emergency exit signs.

Our self-luminous products are unique. They require no external power or batteries, no maintenance, and are always on.  Click here to learn more

Our manufacturing facility was located in Peterborough, Ontario, Canada.